Patient Support Services

Let Us Do The Work For You:

Patient Support Services's Pediatrics Division understands the challenges that face you while caring for someone with special needs. PSS serves each patient with this in mind. We make every effort to allow special needs children to be as independent as possible.

We Are Qualified   We Are Qualified:
Patient Support Services is a qualified provider for Medicaid, Private Insurance providers, CHIPS, WIC and CCP.
We'll Take Care Of It   We'll Take Care Of It:
Patient Support Services does all of the paperwork for you and we work with all of the doctors on your behalf.
Supplies Are Coming   Supplies Are Coming:
Patient Support Services will maintain your child's supplies and deliver them right to your front door FREE of charge.
It's Taken Care of   It's Taken Care of:
Patient Support Services bills all of the program providers for you such as Medicaid, private insurance, CHIPS, WIC, etc.
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Pediatrics Division

Patient Support Services Pediatrics Division has exactly what you need. We go the extra mile to help you understand the challenges of caring for someone with special needs.

Pediatrics DivisionPediatrics DivisionPediatrics Division

Enteral Formulas:
* Ross Products (Pediasure, Ensure)
* Nestle' Clinical Division (Nutren, Peptamen)
* Mead - Johnson (Enfamil, Kindercal, Compleat)
* Novartis (Resource Just For Kids)
* Novartis (Resource Fruit Beverage)

Enteral Supplies:
* Mic-Key G - Kits & Tubing
* Nutriport G - Kits & Tubing
* Kendall Kangaroo Pet Pumps
* Zevex Infinity Ambulatory Pump
* All manufacturer's pump sets / feeding bag

Incontinent Supplies:
* Tranquility Briefs & Diapers
* Medline Briefs & Diapers
* Kendall Tender Touch
* Briefs / Diapers
* Underpads
* Baby Wipes

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