Patient Support Services

Service And A Smile

Service And A Smile

We offer "Service With A Smile" not to mention our other great offerings such as:
* Complete Patient Tracking
* Total Inventory Management
* No Shipping or Delivery Exepense
* Monthly or Bi-Monthly Deliveries
* In Service Material Available
* Contract Billing
* CBA Supplies

Service And A Smile

Other Services We Offer:
* Ostomy Care
* Urological Products
* Tracheostomy Care
* Diabetic Supplies
* Oxygen Equipment
* Durable Medical Equipment

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Products & Service Listing:

Our available Products and Services are covered by Medicare Part B, Medicaid and most Private Insurance. Please feel free to contact Patient Support Services at any time to discuss program particulars or to address any special needs.

Products Available:

Nutrients From All Major Manufacturers:
* Ross, * Novartis, * Nestle, * Mead-Johnson

Enteral Feeding Pumps:
* Ross, * Novartis, * Kangaroo

Administration Supplies:
* Syringe Feeding Kits, * Gravity Feeding Kits
* Pump Feeding Kits, * Nasogastic Tubes

*** Miscellaneous Supplies As Required ***

Ordering Procedure:

1. New Patient:
Phone or Fax patient information to PSS Toll Free (Phone: 800.844.7774 or Fax: 800.497.9644. PSS will complete all necessary paperwork and forward to the appropriate party for signature.

2. Shipment:
Products for new patients will be shipped the day the order is processed. Supplies can be sent NEXT DAY AIR if required.

3. Re-Orders:
A PSS representative will contact the caregiver or facility by telephone bi-monthly to confirm re-order, verify patient status and determine what supplies are required to provide for your patient's needs.

4. Product Information:
A complete library of manufacturer literature is maintained to assist in addressing the nutritional needs of your patients.